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Silence of Ice Silence of Ice

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good pose and anatomy. It gives him a feeling of power and strength due to how grounded he looks, though having him leaning forward a bit more would give the impression of him putting more force into the stab.

I like the icy blue tones that you used, though I think adding a few more touches of the gold, green, and red accents you used, especially in the bottom left hand corner, would help strengthen the color scheme. I wouldn't overdo it because I think the drawing benefits from being mostly blues, but a few bits of the other colors mixed into the shadows would help make it more balanced. The steam/wind effects you added are a nice touch, also. They move across the drawing well, adding to an already strong composition.

My only other suggestion would be to sharpen up your edges. Right now it looks blurry, which I think takes away from it.

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StarwolfTsuname responds:

Thank you so much for the honest review, all those points are very good pieces of advice! I normally don't go back and edit work once I finish it, but this piece still bothers me for those same reasons you brought out so I think I will refine it a bit more and work out the kinks.

Thanks so much! :D

Mario Bros. Mario Bros.

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I do like the pose. Even though, as AZINYE said, it's not the most original pose in the world, I don't think it detracts much from the picture. It has a lot of motion to it, making Mario look lively. Though, I don't think his facial expression quite fits the mood of the pose. It's a bit too much of a relaxed expression for a position with so much attitude. You did a nice job with the foreshortening, and the anatomy of the post is all good. You did a good job mixing realism with Mario's own unrealistic anatomy.

I like the form of the smoke and how light it looks, though I think it would benefit from having some more gray tones mixed in. That would help give it a little more body, and it would help it fit in with the realistic style of the drawing. The lighting is spot on, except for that considering that the light source is on the stronger side, I think he should have a darker shadow on the ground.

I suggest adding some different tones to the shadows. It would bring in even more life.

This is kind of a tiny detail, but I like where you put your signature.

Jlescobar responds:

Thanks for watching dude, you're right with the shadows .. in terms of tones and textures he wanted to give a personal touch ..

Goodbye Goodbye

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I like the scribble style. I think it fits the mood of the drawing well, and also, it just looks cool. You picked a good color, too.

I love how there's so much motion. The position of the hand, the form of the fabric, and the flowers around the wrist all contribute to this. The fabric is light and flowing, and the fact that it looks torn helps add to the mood. How the entire drawing forms an arc across the page makes for a strong composition, which compensates for the lack of background. In fact, I think it was a wise choice to not add a background as it would have taken attention away from the main objects.

The anatomy is all good, except for the base of the thumb, which looks too round and bulgy. My own other criticism isn't really a criticism, but more of a suggestion, and that is that I think direct, angled lighting as opposed to the diffused lighting you have now would fit the drawing better.

Lady in green shirt Lady in green shirt

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice choice of colors for the shadows. I like the use of cool tones for them when the girl is mostly warm colors. Keep an eye on your light source, though. Some of shadows and highlights are coming from the wrong angle. Also, when you're shading, pay attention to where you have curved surfaces and where you have surfaces that are comparatively flat. Nice ambient light on the breasts and arm, though the direct highlights on the breasts aren't even.

The wrinkles on the shirt are well done. They make the fabric look light, which looks nice. I also like her position and the position of her hand. That combined with her facial expression gives her a good attitude. Though, the anatomy could some work, especially the head and the stomach.

I strongly suggest adding something to the background. It doesn't have to be a complicated object. Even slight variations in color can keep it from looking flat. I will say that the color you chose for the background compliments the other colors in the drawing will.

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ILIKEBUTTS responds:

Cool, lots of helpful information here! Thanks a lot for the C&Cs!

The Island The Island

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Simultaneously, I both like and dislike how this drawing seems to have so much space, no doubt caused by how the characters and the island are really the only objects. On one hand, the spaciness strongly invokes the feeling of being high up in the sky and of flying, which I like. The emptiness makes it feel like they've been traveling in search of this island for a long while.

But at the same time, the spaciness doesn't seem to fit the fact that they're in the middle of a thunderstorm. Storms are very turbulent, dangerous, and--for someone flying through it--obtrusive. The fact that the clouds and lightening are just casually hanging in the background with little contrast doesn't get that across. As a solution, I would say keep the airiness and low contrast around the island in the middle, but around the edges where the characters are, have higher contrast with clouds that seem to be closer in on them.

I like how the lightening is drawn; its form gives it a lot of motion. Though, I think that the lightening bolt in the right hand corner isn't lighting up the clouds directly around it enough. Because it's a decently sized light source from this angle, it should cause harsher shadows and brighter illumination of the things nearby.

I have no complaints about the characters. They're both draw very well. The position that the girl is in makes her look fittingly anxious, which is a nice touch.

Overall, very nice work.

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Amaruuk responds:

Thank you for the critique! I haven't done a stormy scene like this before so yeah, there's definitely room for improvement.

Coraline Coraline

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice work. Full front angle drawings are hard to make aesthetically pleasing since they tend to end up looking harsh, but you pulled it off well with your use of light colors and low contrast. You did a nice job working with your colors so that even though there are a lot of them, it's still a strong color scheme.

I like the amount of detail you put into the eyes and how that makes them the focal point of the painting. Though, I do think that the fact that shirt is all the same color makes it look flat. I think the hair could use a few more touches of another color, as well.

The background is well done. It's simple enough so that it doesn't draw attention away from the woman, but it's not so simple that it looks like blank space.

The only other thing I think could use improvement is that the anatomy of the hand looks odd.

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Navgahr Navgahr

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Use light to your advantage.

You have good ideas here, but your execution of them dampens their impact. The lighting that you have now shines directly on the entire form of your figure, which takes up the majority of the canvas. First, I'd like to mention that objects closer to your light source--which in this case is coming from the foreground--should reflect more highlights and less shadows whereas objects farther away from it do the opposite. Therefore, the parts of the creature that are further back should have heavier shadows and should be less bright.

Getting back to the main point, having the entire creature illuminated takes away that creepy effect that you're clearly aiming for. Things become a lot creepier when they're partially shroud in darkness. If you were to darken some of the highlights on the creatures body while brightening some of the highlights on the two faces, I think it would give the image more impact.

Still on the topic of light, I notice that you have that red glow in the background. You might want to try using that as a secondary light source or ambient light. I suggest that you put some reds (they don't have to be bright) into the shadows on the objects/character. Keeping secondary light sources and ambient light in mind can really improve a drawing.

One little thing is that behind the teeth, there shouldn't be that large area of black. We should be able to see either the background or the inside of the creature's mouth.

I am a fan of the textures, though, and the skeletal look of the humanoid form is well done. The heavy lines on the chest and below the torso do the job well.

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Eye c You Eye c You

Rated 4 / 5 stars

It feels like something is missing.

They eye itself is well done for the most part. It's anatomically spot on, you captured the watery look that eyes have and the eyelashes look natural. You also did well in picking just the right shade of white so that it's bright without looking unnatural. The coloring of the iris is beautiful with all of the blues, greens and reflections of white that you mixed in.

Though, there are two problems with the eye that I see. The first is that the transition between the green of the iris and the white seems harsh and abrupt, especially because of how watery everything else is. The second problem is that the position of the pupil is out of perspective. It should be further left and probably lower too.

The big problem that I have is that--like the title of this review says--the drawing seems empty. There's too much flat, blurred space, especially since the eye is relatively simple, save for the pupil. Perhaps you could fix this by adding in some more details to the blurs, adding in some sort of object in the background, putting in more color variety, letting up on the blur or some combination of the four.

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A Portrait A Portrait

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Somewhat busy.

The coloring on slenderman's head/face is great. The detail and the attention to the colors around it makes it look alive and the contrast between the values gives it that creepy feel that you intended. I'm also fond of the textures of the wall and of the picture frame.

The problem is that having all of these different, intricate pieces and textures together makes the image look cluttered and busy. There are so many different objects that draw the eye's attention due to being so complicated that the eye can't settle anywhere.

The biggest contributor to this problem I think is the fire. First, I'll state what I think could be improved about the fire on its own. You've so few values and so much white that it doesn't have the realism that the rest of the picture has, making it look out of place. I think it would look better if you replaced a lot of the white with the tones present in the rest of the image. Just make sure to make it subtle.

Now back to the broad scale. Since the fire is the brightest thing in the picture combined with the fact that it's in the foreground and the fact that it's the primary light source, it wants to become the focus of the picture. But that becomes a problem since the hyper-realism of the wall and picture frame and the color depth and central positioning of the character also demand the focus. I think that it would lessen the problem if you took the fire almost completely out of view and instead used light and color to imply the rest.

It might also help if the wall texture wasn't so intricate. Play around with it.


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Hank plus AR15 Hank plus AR15

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


The way that the shells fly up and away is nicely done with attention to their physics. You can tell by the way that they're positioned that they're being propelled up by a significant amount of force while still retaining the impression of something that doesn't have a lot of weight, so well done there. The way that the blood sprays up looks more like water would upon the impact of some large object, but I don't think this is an altogether bad thing. I'm actually quite fond of that effect because I think it intensifies the scene.

I love how you used the gunfire as a secondary light source because of how it allows the character and the blood to be the focal points instead of the lighted background.

However, I feel as though the background is lacking in substance. It doesn't look right to me how there is such a large area at the top with nothing in it but that flat gray. Now, you don't need to put any defined objects there necessarily, but if you could define blurry forms of objects in the background with those gray values, I think that would solve the problem. Either that or I think cropping would be fine in this instance, as well.

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Rhunyc responds:

Well thank you for the brutally honest review.. :) IF only all my pictures could receive reviews like this.

I appreciate taking the time to tell me all of this, it's really helpful! :)